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Shea Zukowski
Freelance cookbook editor and content strategist, community arts advocate, and musician

Audrey Gardner Racines, Esq.
Retired attorney and passionate theatre fan

John Oetting
Next Generation Technology Strategist and digital maker space evangelist

Gary Guthrie
VP Commercial Lending at Embassy Bank for the Lehigh Valley and liaison to the Emmaus Main Street Partners

President Emeritus
James (Jim) Baker, CFP, CAP, ChFC, ADPA
Branch Manager, Raymond James, future resident of Chestnut Ridge at Rodale, and aspiring maker space creative

Anne Alexander
President, Brand Strategies, Inc. and creator of the Soul Candy podcast

Michael Baker
Retired logistics expert and avid art collector

Kate Hughes
Writer and non-profit consultant who also hosts a radio show, has managed gallery spaces

Greg Paul
Founding Member of Stonegate Industries, LLC, and a senior fellow with Lehigh University’s Enterprise Systems Center

Kelly Planer
Freelance copywriter and photographer, and creator/host of The Creative Backstory podcast

Tyrone Webb
Community evangelist and artist liaison for Spatial; his own artwork has been featured at the world’s largest NFT exhibit in Beijing

* Laura Witman
Assistant Superintendent, East Penn School District

* Lindsey Kleinberg
Vice-President, Emmaus Arts Commission

* ex-officio member

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