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JuxtaHub exists to help people of all ages engage in creative experiences through art, technology, and food. We are actively working with the communities we serve, making in-roads through educational programs in partnership with the East Penn School District and Lehigh University, participating in local events organized by the Emmaus Main Street Program and Chestnut Ridge at Rodale, curating gallery space at Yergey Brewing, as well as offering on-going tours and resources to creative individuals who want to make a difference in the world around them. We’re always ready to explore new ways to tell people about JuxtaHub, and off-site events are an important strategy.

Presently we are in the process of renovating of our physical space so that we can bring together a dynamic mix of tenants under one roof. Our building plans incorporate best practices in flexible design to maximize our mixed-use space and entail several phases.

As we grow, you’ll find artists, educators, inventors and entrepreneurs benefitting from opportunities for unique collaboration. If you’re interested in working with JuxtaHub, here’s a quick summary of what those renovations will allow us to do together:


Enjoying Art

Whether you are a working artist in need of studio space or someone who likes to attend performances and gallery events, our facility will provide a unique destination to satisfy your creative needs. Our plans include a black box theatre and space dedicated to private art studios.

Making New Things

With classroom space where you can study a new art technique, as well as a state-of-the-art Maker Space where you can develop prototypes and build new products, you’ll find the knowledge and resources to help you create works that wouldn’t be possible to make on your own.


The diverse cross-section of artists, crafters, and inventors will find plenty of unique opportunities to share their talents in new ways. And that collaborative spirit will extend well beyond the confines of our building. With a digital studio that includes AR/VR (Augmented and Virtual Reality), digital animation and MOCAP (Motion Capture) capabilities, our reach is only limited by imagination of those who access our resources.

and Food

Just as many consider the kitchen to be the heart of a home, we see the role that food plays in our community to be a natural extension of our work supporting creative entrepreneurs. We’ve allocated room for culinary resources that will include both commercial and demonstration kitchens and a food hub to connect local farms with institutional buyers.

Imagination is everything.

It is the preview of life’s coming attractions”

Albert Einstein

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