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Draw Your Day

Thursday, October 19th 6-8 PM / Fee $35

Each day of our life offers creative inspiration, if only we take a pause to look!  In this uplifting drawing workshop, local professional illustrator Lauren Beck (Ren & Ink LLC) will lead students in exploring the art of sketch journaling. By first learning simple line and shading techniques, along with tips and tricks for successful sketch recording, the class will use visual journal prompts to capture the small (but meaningful) moments, celebrating the daily delights of life with art. Students will receive one sketchbook and any worksheet print outs. The instructor will provide all necessary drawing supplies (for classroom use only).

This class is very beginner friendly!

About Your Instructor

Lauren Beck, of Ren & Ink LLC, is a lettering artist and illustrator based out of her home studio in Allentown, PA. She specializes in calligraphy and digitally drawn designs, while also leading local workshops for children and adults. With a variety of mediums in her toolbelt, Lauren strives to create work that celebrates bold motifs with dynamic curves. Detailed linework and sleek script lettering strokes add movement throughout her compositions. Often her subjects include florals and nature, adding a touch of charm with illustrative flourishes and sparkles!

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