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EAC SnowBlast Winter Arts Festival

Saturday FEBRUARY 4TH, 2023 / noon – 4PM / Emmaus Triangle Park

JuxtaHub is coordinating a first of its kind Community Augmented Reality Event (CARE) to be unveiled at the Emmaus Arts Commission’s Snowblast Winter Arts Festival, which will be held Saturday February 4th at the Emmaus Triangle Park in Emmaus from noon to 4PM.

Recalling the tradition of decorating storefronts for the holiday season, the project pairs the talents of Emmaus High School students enrolled in the Jasper Initiative with cutting-edge digital technology that will enable them to create winter-themed augmented reality experiences in front of participating businesses.

Augmented reality refers to superimposing a computer-generated 3D image on a user’s view of the real world, thus creating a composite scene that blends both into one image. To view the students’ displays, festival goers will simply point their smart phones at a QR code and click to see the work appear on screen in front of them.

“This next generation technology is becoming commonplace, but we’re not yet to the point where the average person knows how to create an AR experience to share with others,” explains John Oetting, the JuxtaHub board member who serves as technical advisor to the project. “JuxtaHub is driven to help our community access such tools, so we’re thrilled to work with our local school district and business owners on a demonstration project that we believe is the first-of-its-kind in the nation.”

If you want a preview of how the system works, click here to meet JuxtaHub’s mascot gnome, Collaboatio (pictured above) for yourself. The directions in our portal site are intuitive, but just in case you have questions, here’s what you need to do:

JuxtaHub would like to extend special thanks to Chris Kollar and the students in the EHS Jasper Initiative, as well as all the participating local businesses:

Apport Used Books

Art Beat Studio & Café

Auras Custom Crystals


Better Homes and Gardens

Conversational Threads

David’s Deli

Emmaus Historical Society

Emmaus Public Library

Emmaus Rotary

Emmaus Run Inn

FD Market Co

Funk Brewing

Grandpa Joe’s

House of Metalworks

Lifestyle Barber

Korpics Upholstery

Let’s Play Books

Morty’s Steaks

Nowhere Coffee Co.

Now and Then Books

Purr House

South Mountain Cycle

Switchback Pizza

Yergey Brewery

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