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Flower Drawing

Saturday, October 28th 9:30-noon / Fee $55

Learn how to draw modern florals in ink with Lauren Beck of Ren & Ink! Using simple materials and guided worksheets,  you’ll explore creating beautiful floral compositions out of only basic lines and shapes. Students will explore simple line illustration techniques to draw intricate flowers, along with complimenting botanicals and leaves. By following  simple steps to break down complex floral petals and stems, you’ll work to complete a final bouquet using your newly-learned drawing skills, perfect for framing or gifting. All materials will be provided in the form of an art kit — students will be able to take the supplies home with them, including pens, paper, and printed worksheets

About Your Instructor

Lauren Beck, of Ren & Ink LLC, is a lettering artist and illustrator based out of her home studio in Allentown, PA. She specializes in calligraphy and digitally drawn designs, while also leading local workshops for children and adults. With a variety of mediums in her toolbelt, Lauren strives to create work that celebrates bold motifs with dynamic curves. Detailed linework and sleek script lettering strokes add movement throughout her compositions. Often her subjects include florals and nature, adding a touch of charm with illustrative flourishes and sparkles!

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