Internship Opportunities


The newly formed JuxtaHub digital makerspace (DMS) team is offering internships for college students seeking practical experience designing and creating digital assets using xR technologies.  The focus of each internship will be flexible to accommodate each student’s specific interests and capabilities.  Some potential projects include:

  • Building out our Altspace digital facility twin to include new 3D and 2D art, performances and other interactive experiences
  • Creating business-oriented demonstration experiences for holographic collaboration, training, equipment repair/service etc.
  • Researching and designing a small-scale volumetric video/motion capture studio
  • Experimenting with live cloudXR  streaming
  • Helping plan an outdoor open source AR cloud demonstration platform
  • Constructing 3D digital versions of the new JuxtaHub logo
  • Building/configuring a smartphone-based AR art exhibit “docent” app for use in the center
  • Creating an inventory of available xR experiences that aligns with the center’s program areas of fine arts, performing arts, makerspace and culinary arts
  • Creating and hosting special virtual events inside our Altspace digital facility twin

Technologists of all levels as well as artists of all media are encouraged to apply.  Timeframe and duration of internships is flexible, but it is expected that December and January will be ideal for many students.  If interested please email and tell us about yourself and your areas of interest.

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