We are cultivating a thriving social media presence to spread the word about our plans and growth, and YOU can help. Please join us by clicking on the Facebook link at the top of this page and “liking” us to follow along as the adventure unfolds. Find other people who want to help this organization evolve and be among the first to learn our latest news.

And if you find our mission inspiring and want to help us generate more traffic, please feel free to share our posts with friends and family. Every “like” and mention helps us grow. You can also find us on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Please note we have also created two important groups on Facebook where people can gather to share what they are making and find the strength and support of others by sharing their journeys. Click on the following to learn more.

The Creative Entrepreneurs Group meets via Zoom every Wednesday at noon. The private group was formed to provide a place for small business owners from various creative fields opportunities to network and explore new ways to advance their work. Weekly meetings often include guest presentations from experts on a variety of topics including branding, self-publishing and promotional strategies, as well as how to harness new digital tools and reach new markets.

There is no cost to attend. For more information, join the group to see what other members are sharing and receive an invitation to our next Zoom session.

Emmaus Creates. Think of this group as an open stage / gallery / gathering place for people to share what they’re making … This is not intended to be a promotional arena for politics or business advertising, nor a place where people are critical of one another’s work. Rather, it’s an evolving, supportive space where people can connect, share, enlighten and grow.

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