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Tuesday & Wednesday, October 24 & 25, 9-noon/ Fee $350

Find helpful ways to see through the eyes of a printmaker and artist! In this 2-day printmaking workshop we will explore several safe, water-based techniques that integrate various media into your finished work: Chine Collé (a 15th c. technique using layers of paper) and Caran d’Aché (a monotype process that allows you to create a one-of-a-kind print). Students will have the opportunity to produce their work on a rare traditional Miniature Halfwood Legacy Printmaking Press. Equipment, handouts and supplies will be provided by the instructor with an additional cost (approximately $25) for the handmade printmaking papers used. Printmaking is a highly tactile experience, so bring an apron or smock with you, as well as a photo or other image that inspires you.

About Your Instructor

Melissa Strawser is a 4th generation artist who was raised in a family setting of folk artists and has been practicing and teaching various printmaking techniques for 30+ years. Trained in London, Melissa now works out of her studio in Bally, PA. and specializes in Intaglio printmaking; she collaborates regularly with Val Bertoia to create prints from his metal sound sculptures. Overall, Melissa’s work explores a deep connection to Nature through themes about dreams, memories, and synesthesia (how we can perceive several sensory experiences simultaneously from one work of art).

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