Join us at the First Annual ArtCar HOOTenanny

WHEN: Saturday, October 16 from 2-7

WHERE: in the JuxtaHub parking lot (375 South 10th Street, Emmaus)

Featuring the Hogwarts Express Magic Art Car, created by Rob Potter, aka “The Saxophone Wizard,” you can also enjoy a food truck, live music, kids activities, and art demonstrations, and have an opportunity to help paint a pick up.

In addition, attendees can view a traveling exhibit of the in-progress Hendri-Z ArtCar celebrating Jimi Hendrix’s life, music and legacy. The Hendri-Z is being created by former Lehigh Valley resident John Paul Marosy, whose ultimate mission is to expand public awareness of and support for music education in public schools along with anti-racism education. The car will feature four paintings by Lehigh Valley artist Michael Freeman, applied to car via vinyl wrap. Mark Noll’s Fender Strat removeable sculpture will be attached to the rear of the car when on display.

“Come join in the fun and drink in the festive atmosphere of this cars-as-art happening at the JuxtaHub building,” said JuxtaHub board member Gary Guthrie. “We’re inviting ArtCars from all around the area (and beyond!) to show off their vehicles while demonstrating just what it takes to create one of these fascinating, creative, cool and crazy vehicles.”

This event is coordinated in part by volunteers from JuxtaHub’s Creative Entrepreneurs group, a collaborative and multi-disciplinary team of independent professionals who meet regularly to encourage and engage one another in their creative journeys.

What exactly are art cars?

They are vehicles that have been modified as an act of personal artistic expression, using paint, wraps and/or welded or glued-on items that can range from adorable foam figures to dentures, heads and creatures. ArtCars are street legal and driven by their creators. JuxtaHub invites any ArtCar owners to the HOOTenanny.

To show your ArtCar at the HOOTenanny, or find out more about the Oct. 16 event, contact Alice Perry at 610-737-5593.

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